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Eagleton / Ferreira Tennis Academy proudly introduces:

The Techne Tennis System

Techne (a greek word meaning the personification of art and skill) is a revolutionary tennis system used by the elite professionals on the tour today. Some of these pros include: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Fernando Verdasco, and Novak Djokovic.

What do these players all have in common? They’re winning

Why? Because they are playing the modern game of tennis.

Techne is the system used to actually teach a player how to dramatically improve their game through a scientific method of manufacturing a level of spin and power unheard of in the old ways of tennis. Whether old or young, talented or no talent at all, this system works every time, no exceptions. How would you like to take any player, and improve their game by 30% just by teaching them a technique? Techne makes this all possible.

So, what is involved in the Techne System? Let’s break it down.

We start with the 3 S’s. This is the top category level for Techne. The 3 S’s stand for Stroke, Strength, and Strategy.


In the Stroke category, we cover the actual technique used to manufacture the swing. The acronym we use is C. L. A. This stands for Commit, Load, Accelerate. First we teach that the player must commit to the shot, use the correct footwork and placement to get into position.

Second, the player must Load. After in position for the shot, the player will load up. This was traditionally called the backswing, but Techne eliminates the need for a backswing. Instead, we use a combination of lower body power and leverage to create racket head speed.

And Finally, Accelerate. In this step, the player must take all of the kinetic energy stored from the Load phase, and release it into the ball. The player unwinds, and uses the leg and core muscles to generate the rotational power. The beauty of this stroke is that it can be created over and over again without fail. And, the harder the player swings, the better the shot.


For the Strength category, the player focuses on training based on Speed, Endurance, and Torque, or S. E. T. Through a graduated system of training exercises, the player must build the muscle and endurance necessary to load on each shot, and endure a strenuous match without fatigue, and be able to hit each shot with tremendous torque. Without this strength training, the stroke falls far short of its potential. As you can see, the 3 categories are interdependent, and cannot exist without each other.


In this category, the player puts all of the strength and stroke work into practical use. This is where the rubber hits the road so to speak. Based on a simple number system of 1, 2, 3, the player learns what type of ball to hit in what scenario, and why. This system has to do with ball height over the net, player and ball placement on the court, and the type of ball received from the opponent.

Together, the 3S’s combine to form The Techne Tennis System, and the result is champion tennis players.

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