The EFTennis Vision

Eagleton/Ferreira junior tennis academy in Florida draws on the real life experiences of Ellis Ferreira, a two time Grand Slam Winner and John Eagleton as Professional players themselves to develop, winning juniors.

Eagleton/Ferreira junior tennis academy in Florida is the most physically demanding, elite junior program in the USA . EFTennis takes 15 young players and over a year period, 7 hours a day, grinds them into an aspiring professional with the tools necessary to compete on the Pro Tennis Tour. Any junior players not willing to make this level of commitment and sacrifice will simply not survive the program.

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Eagleton / Ferreira Tennis Acadamy teaches the Techne Tennis System. Click Here to find out more →


  • In an effort to find the best tennis training for my 15 year old son I came across the Eagleton-Frerreira junior tennis Academy in Florida. My son went for a short visit of 3 weeks to see if it could be what we were looking for... Read more